"In the end, I still prefer the sound of the wind in the firs...across the brook... more than the tinkling of crystal" Anne of Green Gables

Adventure Elopements

Exciting new trends in the wedding industry

I have never been afraid of traveling. I grew up with a professional commercial airline pilot as a father, I was traveling all over the world by the age of 4. So when I was asked to be a part of a VERY special elopement in Glacier National Park, my obvious answer was absolutely!! 

I worked carefully with the environmental specialists in Montana as well as the National Park to ensure that all of the flowers I used would be acceptable to bring into the park. 

It's extremely important to me that I leave no trace behind when I am working in a wildlife preserve, and that includes making sure invasive species of plants are not transported into the area. 

Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings are quickly becoming a new twist on your typical "small" wedding. It's just a handful of your closest friends and family celebrating your special day. 

This particular micro-wedding took place at an adorable cabin outside of Packwood, Washington. No attention to detail was spared, they even included their dog who was adorned with his very own floral bowtie.


Officiant and Ceremony Service

Some adventures require the least amount of people getting in the way while trying to hike a trail! Lucky for you I am ordained! 

Invite your photographer, maybe a few friends and I can bring your flowers, set the scene, and perform your ceremony for a truly magical and intimate moment!